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Michael Hughes <> (02.06.2003)

I love this album. Love it, love it, love it. Would buy it a sandwich if it had a mouth. Would take it to the prom if I was a teenager. Love it, love it -- got it already? Yeah, I know it is derivative and kind of goofy in spots and it is not as good as Sticky Fingers (sorry, I do not buy that either Mick of Keith ever really said that -- urban legend, must be), but I still adore it. Love "Evil Hearted Ada," love the dissipated guitar blur in "Whiskey Woman," love the massive riff and balls out vocal in the title track, love the King Kong reference in "City Lights." If you like rock and roll go get this and you will love it as well. On the other hand, the bonus tracks suck.

And as for the Groovies, I love their mid-seventies record Shake Some Action, too. Totally different sound and mostly different band members (Looney is long gone -- Action is Cyril Jordan's thing all the way), but very cool.

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