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Bob Josef <> (14.05.2004)

The only real complaint is that the record is a little bit underproduced. If Lou Adler had been able to do it instead (he was busy with a movie), it might have been as big as the next one. I don't think everything quite works -- "Raspberry Jam" isn't a great example of jazz-rock, and "Spaceship Races" is fun, but a bit silly -- psychedelia isn't quite her forte. "Eventually" is a really moving performance; "Sweet Sweetheart" is the Tapestry- type should-have-been-a-hit ballad; and James Taylor's guitar part on "Up on the Roof" is interesting, since he copped this arrangement for his own hit version a few years later. I picked up this album to get her original version of "Goin' Back", which hasn't been anthologized. Her version is significantly different than those of the Byrds or Dusty Springfield. It's much more intimate and personal, which makes sense in the singer-songwriter context. Your're right -- Tapestry is the logical first stop for King fans, but this is a very nice place to go next.


Glenn Wiener <> (22.12.2002)

Loaded with well written songs. Truthfully my fave is 'Will You Still Love Me Tommorow'. Beautiful harmonies on that one. Nonetheless, all of them are written from the heart. This is truly her Greatest Hits collection.

Bob Josef <> (14.05.2004)

No one can deny that this is the lady's peak. A big key to the success is Lou Adler's production, which elevates it above the last one. Elaborate enough to call attention to the songs' hooks, but not overwhelming their intimacy. Sincere vocals, even if the lyrics are occassionally corny (title track). Her original "You've Got a Friend" is TONS better than her buddy Taylor's. I would pick "Smackwater Jack" as my favorite, which no one else would, I imagine. It's not to be taken seriously at all -- a hilarious, dark humored song. I guess I like it for the reason you point out -- it doesn't fit in with anything else on the album.

A classic pop album that all pop fans should have. The Ode Collection is a good way to get it -- it has the entire album along with highlights from nine other albums, live and unreleased stuff. Well worth the money.


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