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Yenisseian etymology :

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Proto-Yenisseian: *ʔāqV-
Sino-Caucasian etymology: Sino-Caucasian etymology
Meaning: to leave; to drive, chase
Ket: aq, -aq; 'to leave; to drive, chase' (Werner 2, 223-224); 'to be left' > 'become' (Werner 2, 240); also 'to give' (d-á-v-aq 'er gibt ihm')
Yug: a:hʁ-bɛt́4, a:hχ4; 'to be left' > 'become' -t...a:hx4 (Werner 2, 240); also 'to give' (d-a-b-a:hχ 'er gibt ihm')
Kottish: thagājaŋ "to leave, abandon", praet. tholagōjaŋ, imp. thalai, pass. tholāgai; (Лоск.) guš-takan 'to drive a horse'
Comments: Werner 1, 49, 50 <*aʔǝqǝ>; see also notes to *ʔakV-. Note the coincidence of Kott. th-ag- = Ket. t-aq. Cf. also *qo-s- 'lead'.

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