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Yenisseian etymology :

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Proto-Yenisseian: *χ[e]ʔ
Sino-Caucasian etymology: Sino-Caucasian etymology
Meaning: big
Ket: qɛʔ (North. qä4), pl. qēŋ (North. qäŋ4)
Yug: xɛʔ / xɛ:h, pl. xeŋ
Pumpokol: xääse (Сл), xeem, x́aese (Срсл), xеem, xäese (Кл)
Comments: ССЕ 300. Cf. also PY derivatives: *χ[e]b 'grandfather' (кет. qīp, pl. qibaŋ6 / qibáŋ / < qiba:ŋ3), Yug xep, pl. xebe:ŋ, Kott. hīpa, pl. hīpan, (Бол.) xip, Ar. (Лоск.) be-kib ( = "my grandfather")); *χ[e]ma 'grandmother' (Ket. qima, pl. qimaŋ6, Yug. xema, pl. xime:ŋ3, Kott. hīma, g. hīmi, pl. hīman, (Бол ) xima, Ar. (Лоск.) be-kime ( = "my grandmother")). Other attested morphological derivatives: Ket Kur. attr. qɛ:śi4 'big', South. qaś4 'chief', Yug xɛ:hs 'chief', Pump. x́a-ket 'chief' (Срсл.), xej-kit (Сл.) 'elder brother', (Срсл.) 'elder sister'; Ket qe-nda6, Yug xe-nda6 'to grow (rarely), to cut (in big pieces)'; see also under *χɨji. Werner (2, 86, 90) contains only *χ[e]b and *χ[e]ma, reconstructed as <*qebǝ> and <*qemǝ>; the root *χ[e]ʔ itself is for some reason omitted.

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