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Yenisseian etymology :

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Proto-Yenisseian: *seŋ
Sino-Caucasian etymology: Sino-Caucasian etymology
Meaning: liver
Ket: śēŋ, pl. śɛŋǝn5; śénan, śéŋnan 'stomach' (Werner 2, 189-190)
Yug: seŋ, pl. sɛŋɨn5; séńńan 'stomach' (Werner 2, 189-190)
Comments: ССЕ 272. The word for "heart" in Kott. and Arin possibly reflects a compound *seŋ + *tVp-, lit. "liver" + "spleen": cf. Kott. šitap, Ass. šitábu (М., Сл., Срсл., Кл.), Ar. šenóugbu (М., Сл., Кл., Срсл.), šenebo (Лоск.); a similar origin may be also suggested for Ket śɛ́rap, MKet. śɛ̀dáp (Werner 2, 186) 'Bauchspeicheldrüse; Milz'. Werner's analysis of -p(u), -bu in these compounds as *pu 'belly' is less plausible because it does not explain the first part of compund (šita-, šene-). See Werner 2, 190 (connecting also Kott. šičil, Ar. sal - on which see *sisa(l)-), 1, 332.

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