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Yenisseian etymology :

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Proto-Yenisseian: *dōq-
Sino-Caucasian etymology: Sino-Caucasian etymology
Meaning: to fly, jump
Ket: -dɔq4 / dɔ:ʁ4 'fly' (Werner 1, 200)
Yug: dɔ:hx
Kottish: aštōkŋ "to jump", praet. altōkŋ, imp. altok; tōkŋ "jumping"; tox "jump"; ithakŋ "to jump", praet. anthikŋ, imp. anthax
Comments: ССЕ 223. Judging from the parallel Kottish form ithakŋ (cf. also Yug t...daχ 'fly', see Werner 2, 224), going back to *taq- (/ *tiq-), *d- and *t- are prefixed elements. With other prefixation cf. PY *k-ɨ̄q(V) "to fly" > Ket. kɨ̄, Yug kɨ:hx. Werner 1, 200-201 <*doʔǝqǝ>, 482 *kɨqǝ / *kɨʔǝqǝ. Cf. also *dǝq-.

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