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Yenisseian etymology :

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Proto-Yenisseian: *ʔɔksi (~x-)
Meaning: tree
Ket: ōkś (Imb.)
Yug: oksɨ1
Kottish: atči, *atče; (Бол.) ači; асс. ači (М., Сл., Срсл.), ač (Кл.)
Arin: ošče (М., Сл., Срсл., Кл.) "wood"; kus-ošče (М., Сл., Срсл., Кл.,) "tree" (lit. "one tree"); otši (Лоск.) "tree, wood", otšil "tree"
Comments: ССЕ 198. The Pump. form oksɨ (Срсл., Кл.) is in reality Yug. The key to the etymology is probably the Kottish paradigm: atči 'tree', plur. ak / ax, āx. The plural form here undoubtedly reflects PY *xaʔq 'tree, wood' (q.v.). One can therefore suppose that PY *xɔksi is a transformation of the original compound *xaʔq-sV or *xaʔq-xusa, lit. "one tree" (a compound analogous to *de-s 'eye' etc.) - cf. a similar later formation in Arin kus-ošče. The transformation of vocalism, however, is still to be explained. Werner 2, 50 <*(x)oksi / *(x)otsi>.

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