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Yenisseian etymology :

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Proto-Yenisseian: *ʔɔgde / *ʔɔqtV
Sino-Caucasian etymology: Sino-Caucasian etymology
Meaning: ear
Ket: ɔgde5, pl. -n6 "ear"; ɔqtǝn6, pl. ɔqtɨnǝŋ5 "ear-ring"
Yug: ɔgdɔnɨŋ6 "ear-rings"; ɔxtɨŋ6, pl. ɔxtɨŋɨn5 "ear"
Arin: utḱenóŋ (Срсл.) "ears" (aures); utq́ȫnoŋ (М., Сл., Кл.) id.; uskuj (Лоск.) id.
Pumpokol: átkin (Сл., Срсл.) "ear"
Comments: ССЕ 198. Werner 2, 31 (doubts the attribution of the Arin and Pumpokol forms, which I think is unquestionable). Historically the PY form is a compound *ʔɔ(N)+gde ( = PA *ħan-ṭiḳa / *ħan-ḳiṭa "ear"). In Kottish the word for "ear" has been replaced by a Turkic loanword kalōx, but we should note the word for earring: āpal / āpul. Here the second part is obviously PY *puʔl 'round', but the first part may reflect the archaic primary root for 'ear'.

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