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Yenisseian etymology :

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Proto-Yenisseian: *jVʔra
Sino-Caucasian etymology: Sino-Caucasian etymology
Meaning: a small insect, worm
Ket: ɔlǝŋgǝs5, pl. -n 'spider'
Yug: ɔʔl // ɔllǝ5, pl. ɔlɨn5 'worm, small insect'
Kottish: d́era, pl. d́etn, d́erán "Eidechse"; d́ira, g. d́irā, d́irei, pl. d́itn id.
Comments: ССЕ 197. Werner 2, 48 (without the Kott. form). Kott. d́era / d́ira was compared in КС 215 with Ket. tuĺn 'lizard', but this was phonetically irregular (one had to suppose a variation *c- / *ʒ-, otherwise unattested). Werner seems unsure about the attribution of d́era: in 1, 286 he still compares it with tuĺn (see *tulVn); in 1, 415 he proposes to compare it with Ket ʌʔĺ 'frog' - not abandoning, however, the comparison of ʌʔĺ with Arin kere 'frog', proposed in ССЕ 295, and thus has to reconstruct an uncomprehensible variation <*ǝʔʎ / *(k)ǝʎǝ / *(d')ǝʎǝ>. There remains, however, a possibility to compare Kott. d́era / d́ira 'lizard' with Ket. ɔʔl 'worm': except for a not quite clear vowel correspondence the etymology seems quite plausible.

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