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Number: 1131
Proto-Semitic: *ʕapar-
Afroasiatic etymology: Afroasiatic etymology
Meaning: 'dust, soil'
Akkadian: ep(e)r- 'dust; earth, loose earth; territory, soil; etc' CAD E 184
Ugaritic: ʕpr
Hebrew: ʕapār
Syrian Aramaic: ʕapr-
Arabic: ʕafar-, ʕafr- 'terre, poussière'; ʕufrat- 'couleur grisâtre de poussière', ʔaʕfar- 'roegeâtre melé; sable rougeâtre' BK 2 298
Tigre: ʕäfär 'dust, desert' LH 492
Mehri: ʔafur 'cloud'; ʕōfer 'red'
Jibbali: ʕɔ́fɔ́r 'to dig, dig over; to make the ablutions with sand', ʕafor 'cloud' (<'dust cloud'); ʕofer 'red'
Harsusi: ʔāfor 'cloud, dust wind' (sic!), ʔafer 'red'
Soqotri: ʕafer 'red'

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