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Afroasiatic etymology :

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Proto-Afro-Asiatic: *ḫunʒ(-ir)-
Meaning: pig
Semitic: *ḫV(n)zīr- 'pig'
Berber: *-gVnduz 'calf' 1, 'piglet (?)' 2 (?)
Western Chadic: *gunVʒ- 'wild boar' ~ *gursun-'pig'
Central Chadic: *ḫaʒ-in- 'pig' ~ (H)avanʒ(-Vr)- 'porcupine'
East Chadic: *ku/inǯ(-u/ir)- 'porcupine' 1, (?) 'pig'
Omotic: *guʒin/m- 'pig'
Notes: Otherwise <*qunʒ(-ir)-, cf. ECh. Cf. CCh Daba guldom- 'pork' and Oromo golǯaa, Sid golǯo 'boar'. Cf. HSED 1374 (Sem; WCh: Hs; ECh: Dgl Kbl; note LEC, HEC); Sk Hs 93; Lamb Sh 313 (Old Cush *gudim- 'dog/pig')

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