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Abkhaz-Adyghe etymology :

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Proto-West-Caucasian: *bǝšA (?-s-)
North Caucasian etymology: North Caucasian etymology
Meaning: 1 bird 2 wing 3 fly
Abkhaz: a-psā́(ṭʷ) 1
Abaza: pssʕa- 3
Adyghe: bzǝwǝ 1
Kabardian: bzuw 1
Ubykh: bzā-pá 2
Comments: PAT *pǝśǝ-ʕa- (cf. also Bz. a-pśā́, a-pśā́-ṭʷ 'bird', Abaz. pssʕa-č̣ʷǝ id.); -ʕa is obviously a suffix. PAK *bzǝ-wǝ́ (where -wǝ is an archaic diminutive suffix).

    Reconstruction of PAT *ś (and, therefore, PWC *š) is based on Abkh. Bzyb. evidence quoted in Marr's dictionary; since Bghazhba has not included the word in his book, it may well be Marr's misspelling - in that case we must reconstruct simply PAT *pǝsǝ-ʕa- and PWC *bǝsA.


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