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Turkic etymology :

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Proto-Turkic: *apačɨ, *apakɨ
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: 1 bogy 2 figure set up to avert the evil eye 3 idol
Russian meaning: 1 бука 2 фигурка для отвода сглаза 3 идол
Karakhanid: abačɨ 1, abaqɨ 2 (MK)
Turkish: apaq, abaq 'jinn, ghoul' (dial.), 'fool'
Middle Turkic: (MKypch.) abaq 'doll' (Houts., At-Tuhf.)
Uzbek: ɔpa-lar 'female evil ghosts' (lit. "elder sisters")
Yakut: abāhɨ 'evil ghost'
Balkar: abačɨ 1
Karaim: abaq, abax 3
Comments: VEWT 1, 2, EDT 6, 8. Quite dubious is the hypothesis (see Аникин 71, TMN 4, 307-310, Clark 1977, 127) of the Turkic forms being borrowed from Mong. abuɣаči 'receiver' (all the more so because the Bur. form is not abāša, but abagša, i. e. reflecting -g-, not -ɣ-). See a detailed discussion in Stachowski 2001.

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