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Number: 2602
Proto-Semitic: *ʔaly-at-
Afroasiatic etymology: Afroasiatic etymology
Meaning: fat tail (of a the sheep); fleshy part of the thigh, buttocks
Hebrew: ʔalyā 'fat tail' [KB 55]
Judaic Aramaic: ʔalyǝtā, ʔallītā 'fat-tail' [Ja 70]; ʔlyyh, det. ʔlyyth do. [Sok 59-60]
Syrian Aramaic: ʔelītā 'cauda' [Brock 21]
Modern Aramaic: AZR cf. lila 'sheep-tail's fat' [Garb 317] (redupl.?)
Mandaic Aramaic: alita 'sheep's tail' [DM 20]
Arabic: ʔalyat- 'queue grasse d'une espèce de moutons; mollet, gras de la jambe; gras de la cuisse, partie charnue des cuisses ou des fesses' [BK 1 49]
Amharic: lat 'fleshy part of the tail of the sheep' [K 84]
East Ethiopic: SEL lāt 'meat of the tail of the sheep' [LGur 374]
Notes: Leslau objects to W. Müller's equation of AMH lat with this root; instead, he relates AMH, HAR and SEL examples to MUH läbät 'meat of tail of sheep' and ZWY läbät 'podex, anus, buttocks' [LGur 374]. Though a sporadic loss of -b does occur in AMH and HAR, SEL is not listed by Leslau among the GUR dialects where -b is lost or reduced to vowel [ibid., XXX]; for the forms with -b see *lab(a)b-(at-) 'neck with chest; back and flank', No. (the meaning of MUH läbät may be due to contamination with the present root).

    [DRS 20]: HBR, ARM, ARB; [KB 55]: HBR, ARM, ARB; [Brock 21]: SYR, ARM, HBR, ARB


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