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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *reup-
Meaning: to tear, to peel
Old Indian: ropáyati `to cause violent pain; to break off', rúpyati `to suffer violent pain (in the abdomen)'; ropa- n. `fissure, hole'
Slavic: *rūpītī, *rɨ̄pātī, *rūpā
Baltic: *raũp- vb. tr.
Germanic: *riuf-a- vb., *raub-ṓ- vb., *raub-á- m., n., *rau[b]-ō f.; *raup-ja- vb., *ru[f]=, *rupp-ō- vb.
Latin: rumpō, -ere, rūpī (OLat rūpsī), ruptum `brechen, zerbrechen, zerreissen, zerspringen, unterbrechen', rūpēs, -is f. `Felswand, Klippe, Schlucht', rūpex, -icis m. `Steinbock; Klotz', rūmentum n. `Unterbrechung'; {rubidus `rauh, halbroh' - nowhere found!}
Celtic: ? Ir rob, rop `wühlendes Tier'
Russ. meaning: рвать, срывать, сдирать
References: WP II 351 f

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