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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *nuṇ-
Meaning : minute, fine
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : nuṇ
Tamil meaning : minute, fine, etc.
Tamil derivates : nuṇpu, nuṇmai, nuṇuku, nuṇṇimai minuteness, smallness, slenderness, sharpness, refinement, nicety, exquisiteness (as in workmanship), acuteness, subtlety, discrimination, precision, accuracy, delicacies, dainties, mystery; nuṇṇiyān_ person of acute intellect, quick parts or subtle discrimination, minister; nuṇakkam sharpness, minuteness, subtlety, fineness; nuṇaŋkiyōr persons of subtle or sharp intellect; nuṇaŋku (nuṇaŋki-) to be thin, minute, attenuated, be subtle, fine, refined; n. minuteness, subtlety, fineness; nuṇi (-v-, -nt-) to waste away, be thinned down; (-pp-, -tt-) to sharpen to a point, powder, examine carefully; n. a point; nuṇukkam fineness, minuteness, sharpness, acuteness, acumen, subtlety, exquisiteness (as of work), niggardliness; nuṇukku (nuṇukki-) to make very small (as beads), powder, pulverize, pound, grind, shatter to pieces, write a small hand, be niggardly, stint, sharpen to a point, sharpen the wits, execute minutely or finely (as a work); n. smallness, fineness, subtlety, any small or minute thing, small handwriting; (Ramnad dial., Annamalai, p. 875) uṇukku to powder (= nuṇukku); nuṇuku (nuṇuki-) to be slender, delicate (as a woman's waist), be minute, become thin, be sharp, keen, acute (as one's intellect); nuṇuŋku (nuṇuŋki-) id., be powdered, pulverized, sing softly, as a tune; n. powder; nuṇavai flour of rice and other grains, a ball of sesame confection; nuvaṇai minuteness, fineness, flour; nuṭpam minuteness, fineness, subtlety, insight, acuteness, precision, accuracy, an invisible planet, minute point of time, a figure of speech which expresses an idea by implication, a critical commentary; nuṭaŋku (nuṭaŋki-) to be fine, thin, attenuated; n. thinness, smallness; nuẓai (-v-, -nt-) to be minute, fine, be keen, acute, make innuendoes; n. minuteness, fineness, intellectual sharpness; nuẓaivu minuteness, fineness, keen understanding or perception; nūẓai acuteness, fineness, minuteness
Malayalam : nuṇma
Malayalam meaning : minuteness
Malayalam derivates : nuppam fine texture of cloth
Kannada : nuṇ
Kannada meaning : smoothness, softness, fineness, niceness, neatness, subtilty, gentleness, etc.
Kannada derivates : nuṇupu, nuṇpu, numpu smoothness, delicateness, fineness; nuṇṇage, nuṇṇane smooth, smoothness, state of being powdered, state of being smooth by shaving, baldness, bald; nuṇṇitu, nuṇṇittu that is smooth, etc.
Tulu : noṇṇa, noṇṇagè
Tulu meaning : soft, nice
Proto-Nilgiri : *nun-
Notes : Tamil nuvaṇai is a metathese from nuṇavai; nuṭaŋku may be a secondary formation from nuṭ- in such forms as nuṭpam; the forms with -ṛ-, however, are hard to interpret.
Number in DED : 3700

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