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Number: 980
Proto: *śićä ~ *śińćä
> Nostratic: > Nostratic
English meaning: inside
German meaning: Inneres
Finnish: sisä 'das Innere ( > Saam. N sisâ (postp.)'into, in', Wfs. si̮i̯sɛ̮ (postp.) 'in'), sisälö 'das Innere, Busen' ?
Estonian: sisi (gen. see) 'Inneres', sisicond 'Eingeweide' ?
Hungarian: szügy, szűgy 'Brust', szëgy, szegy 'Brust, Bruststück' ?
Enets (Yen): śud́o (Ch.), śuso (B) 'Brust', sud́e, sod́e (Ch.), suse (B) 'Inneres' ?
Nganasan (Tawgi): sinśa 'Brust'
Janhunen's version: (101) *s'üns'i 'breast'
Sammalahti's version: *s'üns'i 'breast' (FP anders)
Addenda: Kar. sisälö, sizeli 'Busen'; Taig. künšu-m 'Brust'

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