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Uralic etymology :

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Number: 150
Proto: *ime-
> Nostratic: > Nostratic
English meaning: to suck
German meaning: saugen
Finnish: ime- 'saugen'
Estonian: ime-
Khanty (Ostyak): em- (V DN)
Hungarian: em- (altung.) 'saugen', emlő 'Brust, Zitze'
Nenets (Yurak): ńimńe-, ŋaḿā- (O)
Nganasan (Tawgi): ńimiri-
Selkup: ńem- (Ty.)
Kamass: ńimēr-, emēr-
Addenda: Mot. нюмнiямъ 'грудь сосу' ?; Taig. nímu
K. Reshetnikov's notes: Lallwort (Rédei) - not obvious! Alongside with the forms listed in SAMDET 54 (which don't correspond to each other in regard to vocalism - see Notes in the above-mentioned record), we have also an etymological group reflecting Proto-Sam. *n'im- (and *n'im-ǝjr-) 'to suck' (see SAMDET 55), which may be related to Lapp *n'эmэ- 'to suck' (> N njâmmâ-, Not. n'imme-, Ter n'i̊mmi̊-, Kld. n'i̊mme-) and Komi Pm. n'imȧv- 'id.', thus going back to Ur. *n'im- (the Lapp-Komi parallel - without the Proto-Lapp reconstruction - is noted in UEW, and it is correctly kept apart from the Ur. stem 'to suck' having no initial *n'-). This situation is complicated by the circumstance that the North Sam. forms with *n'- (listed by me under Proto-Sam. *n'im-) may, in fact, still belong to Ur. */i/m-, the initial nasal being due to a prothesis regular for North Sam. (let's stress that it is only the North Sam. material that is characterized by such unambiguity). Note the presence of parallel forms apparently presenting two different Proto-Sam. stems - in particular, Kms. emēr- 'to suck' and n'imēr- 'id.'. In UEW, the Sam. reflexes of Ur. */i/m- and *n'im- are erroneously united under *ime-.
Yukaghir parallels: ibi 'saugen; to suck'
References: FUV; SKES; MUSz. 781; EtSz.; SzófSz.; MSzFgrE; TESz.; Collinder JukUr. 77

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