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Number: 118
Proto: *čukka
> Nostratic: > Nostratic
English meaning: to shut, hide
German meaning: versperren, verstecken
Finnish: *hukka(-); *hukku- 'to sink, be drowned'
Hungarian: csuk- 'sperren, versperren, zuschließen' ?
Nenets (Yurak): takal- (O) 'verbergen, verstecken'
Enets (Yen): tekā- (Ch. B.) 'sich verstecken'
Selkup: čak͔ača-, takata- (Ta.), čagadša-, čăgadša- (N) 'verschließen', čagadša- (OM) 'bedecken'
Kamass: taktǝ- 'schließen, versperren; schützen, hüten (sich selbst)', taktǝ̑. 'Riegel, Verschluß'
K. Reshetnikov's notes: The comparison with FB is suggested by me (Resh.). For semantics cf. the meaning attested in North Sam.: we may deal with development 'hide oneself' > 'disappear' (> 'get lost', 'be drowned', 'perish' etc.; cf. also the meaning 'to be (partly) hidden from view by smth.'). Ur. *šukkV-. Despite Rédei, it is better to keep the Sam. word (with its probable cognates) apart from Hun. csuk- 'to close, to lock' (because of cs- < *c'- in Hun.) comparing the latter with Udm. c'uka- 'to obstruct, block, bar; to detain, hamper' (cf. КЭСКЯ 312-313).
References: FUV; Bár.SzófSz; MSzFgrE; TESz; EtSz; Paas.Beitr. 60

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