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Uralic etymology :

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Number: 108
Proto: *čeŋkV
> Nostratic: > Nostratic
English meaning: gore, peg
German meaning: Keil
Saam (Lapp): *cэŋkē 'prop, strut, support'
Udmurt (Votyak): čog (S K G) 'Pflock; Nagel (bes. aus Holz)'
Komi (Zyrian): čege̮s (S Lu.) 'Seitenbrett (am Ende) der Wandbank (S), Pfeiler neben dem Ofen'
Hungarian: csegely (acc. csegelyt) (dial.) 'keilförmiges Ackerfeld, keilförmige Wiese'
K. Reshetnikov's notes: The comparison of the Permic and Ugric words with the Lapp. one, absent in UEW, is proposed by me (Resh.). As for the initial č- instead of the expected š- in Hungarian, the authors of UEW regard it as a dilectal feature.

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