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Uralic etymology :

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Number: 51
Proto: *ćaka
> Nostratic: > Nostratic
English meaning: drift-ice, thin ice
German meaning: Treibeis; dünnes Eis
Saam (Lapp): čuokke -g- 'ice-crust on pasture' (N), tjuohke (L) 'Eisüberzug des Bodens'
Khanty (Ostyak): t́oɣ (V) 'dünnes Eis, das vor dem Zufrieren des Flusses in der Strömung treibt; Eisgrieß, fein zermahlenes Eis'
Mansi (Vogul): sai̊ (LM) 'Treibeis'
Hungarian: zaj, szaj, saj (dial.) 'Eisstoß, Eistreiben; erste Eisbildung, dünne Eisdecke auf der Wasseroberfläche'
K. Reshetnikov's notes: L. Honti (HontiGObV 131) compares the Khanty form with MSs. s'ūŋk 'Eiskruste' (obviously not related to MML. sai̥) and reconstructs Proto-Ob-Ugric *c'V̄ŋk. This comparison is obviously also acceptable, since the correspondence Khanty *-ɣ ~ Mansi *-ŋk (<OU *-ŋk?) is attested in a few examples (which appear quite reliable), although the stable counterpart of the Mansi *-ŋk in Khanty is still *-ŋk (in this case, we evidently deal with some specific distribution in Khanty, which is at present hard to establish for lack of material). Note that accepting Honti's comparison would hamper the inclusion of the OU data in the FU etymology in question (cf. the absence of any traces of a nasal in Hun., where *-ŋk would have developed into -g, and in Lapp.), while it is quite evident that at least the Khanty word must be involved in it.
References: FUV; MSzFgrE; TESz; Budenz MUSz; Bár.SzófSz; Bárczi Magyar hangtörténet 164; +Beitr. u.a.

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