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Number: 1996
Proto-Semitic: *ʔanp-
Afroasiatic etymology: Afroasiatic etymology
Meaning: nose
Akkadian: appu OAkk on [CAD a2 184], [AHw 60]
Eblaitic: a-bù /ʔappu(m)/ [Kr 9-10; Con 91; Bl E No. 2]
Ugaritic: ʔap [Aist 31], /ʔappu/ [Huehner 108]
Hebrew: ʔap [KB 76]
Aramaic: OLD, PLM ʔp, OFF ʔnp 'face, front side' [HJ 83]
Biblical Aramaic: BIB ʔanpṓhī (du. suff.) 'Gesicht' [KB deutsch 1669] 'face'
Judaic Aramaic: ʔappā, ʔanpā (also 'face') [Ja 186, 99]; ʔp 'nose' [Sok 69]
Syrian Aramaic: ʔappē, ʔappayyā (pl.) 'facies' [Brock 39]
Mandaic Aramaic: anpia 'face, forehead' [DM 27]; not to confuse with aputa, puta 'forehead, face' [ibid. 30] (see in *piʔ-at- 'face, front', No. )
Arabic: ʔanf- [BK 1 62]
Modern Arabic: ʔanf, ʔinf, ʔunf, all three forms attested, e.g. in NYEM [Behnstedt 43]
Geʕez (Ethiopian): ʔanf (also 'nostril') [LGz 28]
Tigre: ʔanǝf [LH 375]
Tigrai (Tigriñña): ʔanfi 'punta di penna; naso (in Hamasien)' [Bass 582]
Gafat: ãfʷä [LGaf 172]
Harari: ūf 'nose' [LHar 19]
Notes: Cf. SOD afunna, CHA ENN GYE END ãfuna, EZ̆A MUH MSQ GOG ãfunna 'nose' [LGur 21]; all <*ʔanf- + *funa <*pan- 'face' (see No. )?

    Note CAN: MOAB ʔnp 'to be angry' [HJ 83] which, together with HBR ʔnp do. [KB 72], may represent a semantic shift from 'nose' (see Introduction). Other types of semantic development can be observed in ARM ('nose' > 'face'); SAB ʔf (pl. ʔʔnf) 'fronts, near sides ?' [Biella 23] (quoted in [SD 6] without translation), MIN ʔnf 'fac̣ade' [LM 6]; and in JIB ʔɛ́nfí 'first, ancient', ʔɛ́nfɛ̄t 'a while ago' [JJ 4].

    There are derived verbal forms in ETH: TGR ʔǝf bälä 'to blow, to puff' [LH 375], AMH ǝnf alä 'to blow the nose' [K 1253].

    [Fron 44]: (*ʔanp- /GEZ,ARB,SYR,HBR,UGR,AKK/); [DRS 26]: *ʔanp-: AKK, UGR, HBR, ARM, ARB, ESA, ETH (incl. AMH afǝnč̣a, which is improbable, see [LGz 28]), JIB, MHR anūf 'avoir la colère tenace' (not found in [JM]); [KB 76]: HBR, UGR, AKK, ARM, ARB, ESA, GEZ; [Holma 18]: AKK, HBR, ABR, GEZ, ARM


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