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Eurasiatic: *HumŋV
Meaning: sleep, forget
Indo-European: *onr̥
Altaic: *umuŋ(t)o
Uralic: *wunV (also FV *une 'sleep, dream)
Dravidian: *ūm ? (cf. IE *mū- 'dumb'?)
Comments: Cf. also: PE *unur(-a) 'night', PA *ĭ́na 'dawn, dusk'. On the basis of PT *im(iŕ) (separated from *iŋ-) and Evk. umulge 'shadow' Mudrak reconstructs PA *i̯umi, comparing it with PE *umɫu- 'day, morning, star'.
References: ND 137 *[ʡ][ʕ]umŋ/nV 'sleep, lose consciousness' (w/o IE; also adding Eg. ʕwn 'sleep' and some Sem. forms < *ʕm-). [in afaset we have *wiʕan- and *hwVn- 'sleep' - but also *nVwVm- / *mVwVn- id.]. A big confusion with *ŋūjV q.v.

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