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Eurasiatic: *ʔVnjV
Meaning: to see, eye
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *ney- 'to shine, sparkle; to see' [Blazhek proposes IIr. *vain- 'see'?]
Altaic: *ni̯ā̀
Uralic: ?? *wanV 'sehen, schauen' (?+ Sam. *ńo- in ND 1629)
Kartvelian: Georg. naχ- to see, find
Dravidian: *nō-; ?*nā- 'to open one's eyes' (PKG 814); or *uṇṇ- 'to think, look' (727)
Eskimo-Aleut: *niŋǝ-(t-)
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *'nǝju- 'guard'
Comments: (PU *wanV = PD *uṇṇ = Nivkh. *waŋ- 'search; eye')
References: ND 138 *ʡoyn̄V (compares rather Mong. ojun 'mind' and distinguishes between *ʡoyn̄V and *ń[e]χa); 1631 *ń[e]χa 'to see', partially also 1629 *ńo(ʕ)wV 'to hunt, pursue'. A lot of confusion that has to be sorted out. [For Mong. *ojun cf. PU *wOjV 'see, find etc.' ?]

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