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Eurasiatic: *CalV
Meaning: cold, wind
Altaic: *zăli (also *či̯òlú ( ~ t-) 'ice, hail' 244)
Uralic: PVg *šaĺ- 'hoar-frost'
Dravidian: *čaḷ- (or *ǯil- 'cold, chill')
Eskimo-Aleut: *cǝla
References: Probably 2 roots. ND 294 *C[a]ḷV ( = *ć̣[a]ḷV?) 'cold' (comparing Drav. *čaḷ- with Turk. Sib. čol 'icicle' and IE *(s)kel- > *xoldъ?); 392 *čaĺ(U)gV 'snow, hoar-frost' (Alt. *či̯olu + Ur. + Sem. *čalag-).

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