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Eurasiatic: *Kej(w)V
Meaning: to do, to make
Indo-European: *kei(u̯)-, *ki̯eu-; cf. also *kʷey(ǝ)- 'gather, prepare, order'
Altaic: *ki ( ~ *k`i)
Kartvelian: *q̇aw- / q̇w-
Dravidian: *kej-
Comments: (for PIE cf. also PA *k`ḗja 1022)
References: ОСНЯ 1, 309; ND 840a *keʕi 'make, do' (+Berb. and Kartv. *g- 'build'?); 1949 *q̇oyV 'to heap up, build, make' (indeed 2 roots?).

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