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Eurasiatic: *burV
Meaning: to cut, bore
Indo-European: *bher- (+2089)
Altaic: *bùro ( ~ -o-)
Uralic: *pura ( + *parV 'cut, scrape')
Kartvelian: *br-
Dravidian: *vār- (or *pār-ai 'crowbar, spade' - see Tyler 32)
Comments: [Other Drav. forms: *pūr_, *pōr_ in МССНЯ 363, *pōṛ- 'to split, cleave'; in Alt. cf. also *bóra 'divide']. There must be a similar root meaning 'fight, kill': cf. IE, as well as PA *bŭri 192; PK *brʒ́-, *borg-; ?PD *por- 'fight'; PIE *bhreus-, *bhreǵh-; see also Bomhard 1996, 141. Cf. PAN *paRo 'drill, pierce'.
References: МССНЯ 363, ОСНЯ 1, 186-187; ND 220 *buRu 'break' (Alt. + IE *bhreu-) distinguished from 221 *bUrV 'turn round, rotate' (Kartv. + Ur. + Ewk. buruk 'whirlpool' + SH *br- 'round, rotate') distinguished from 222 *buRV 'flint' (IE + TM *bura- 'flint' + some SH meaning 'cut, carve; flint') distinguished from 251 *buŕa 'pierce, bore' - all very dubious, but worth further consideration.

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