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Eurasiatic: *laḳV
Meaning: lick
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *lak- (Pok. 653)
Altaic: ? Mong. laɣu- (Kh. laga-) 'eat greedily or gluttonously'
Uralic: *lakkV- (Komi lak-, Hung. lak-)
Kartvelian: *loḳ-
Dravidian: *nājk-
Eskimo-Aleut: *nǝʁǝ(v)-
Comments: Cf. also *L[ü]ḳa and PIE *leiǵh-? Very probably more than one root .
References: МССНЯ 346, ОСНЯ 2, 15; ND 1283 *l̄aḳV 'to lick'.

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