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Eurasiatic: *dʷirV
Meaning: tree, wood
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *deru̯-
Altaic: *t`i̯ór(g)e
Uralic: *tErkkV (in ND 2434 *ṭerVḲU 'tree, stick' which hardly exists); cf. also *tarkV, *tärjä , *torje )
Kartvelian: *dwire
Dravidian: SDr *tūr_- 'bushes' (added by Blazhek KM 32) [but maybe to *ṭVwrV q.v.]
References: ND 559a *d[u]rV 'woods, bush(es)' (Cush., Chad. + Drav.); ND 557 *dUrV 'log, stick' (Kartv. + IE *dhwer- 'door, gate' - in order to escape the obvious connection *dwire - *derw-! Note that in order to do it Dolg. has to separate *dhwer- 'door' and *dhwer- 'hole' - that are obviously identical and both correspond to Kartv. duro 'hole', see *durV. Under ND 2290 *t[o]Ru 'tree, log' he prefers to compare IE *derw- with Georg. taro 'shelf in the wall' (although final -o in Georg. undeniably points to a loanword and the semantics is bad). The Alt. reconstruction is also tampered with: Kor. and Jap. are still compared with IE, but TM *turga 'prop' is separated - only to avoid reconstructing PA *t`- - and compared, under 2433 *ṭURga 'extend, stretch, hold' with PIE *dergh-. All these manipulations are needed in order to avoid the "untraditional" correspondence Kartv. *dw- : IE *d- : Alt. *t`-...

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