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Eurasiatic: *dVʕV (*d[i]ɣV)
Meaning: to put
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *dhē-
Altaic: *dḕ
Uralic: *teke 'do, make, put, place', FV *tewe 'work'
Kartvelian: *dew-/dw-
References: ОСНЯ 1, 224, МССНЯ 344; ND 497 *dEʕ[i] 'to put, to place', 508 *deHä/o 'make, do' (hardly to be distinguished, desp. Dybo and Dolg.). [In ND 2336 *ṭEkE 'build, shape, make, do' Ur. *teke- is compared with IE *teḱs- and PA *t`ằkù 'repair' + Chad.; in ND 2340 *ṭEʔakʔa 'to put, set' - with Alt. *t`ĭ́[k`]ù 'stuff into', *t`egV 'sit' and *tīk`i 'plant' simultaneously + IE *tāg- which is elsewhere + Eg., Sem.; a complete mess].

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