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Eurasiatic: *bVlHV
Meaning: to blow, blow up
Indo-European: *bhelǝ- / *bhlē- (Pok. 120-122)
Altaic: (Ewk. bolī- 'blow (of wind)')
Kartvelian: *ber-
Comments: Bomhard 1996, 143 compares IE with Georg. blom-ad 'in a multitude'.
References: МССНЯ 340, ОСНЯ 1, 193-194; ND 198 *bVlVʔa (with a very weak Chad. parallel); roots meaning 'swell' (partially confused with reflexes of *baHli) are attributed to another root, ND 209 *bVĺ/ḷV 'swell'.

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