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Eurasiatic: *manu
Meaning: to think
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *men- (Pok. 726-728)
Altaic: *mana (~-o)
Uralic: *mOnV (*monV)
Dravidian: *màn- (or *maṇ-i- 'to talk, speak' (3905)
References: МССНЯ 339, ОСНЯ 2, 42-43; ND 1429 *mon̄V 'to test, think', 1433 *mAyn̄V 'ask, desire' (a highly dubious distinction); 1439 *man̄(Yy)V 'speak, call, invoke magic forces'. If Ur. *man/ǹV 'say, call' is distinct, the root may indeed be divided (cf. the distinction in Drav.)? Cf. also 1442 *mANdV 'excitement, wish, desire' - prob. a suffixed form (only PGoKu *mānḍ- 'like' and Svan mand- 'wish, love'; IE *mendh- is most likely *mens-dh-).

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