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Nostratic etymology :

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Eurasiatic: *zVnV
Meaning: year, old
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *senʌ-
Altaic: Turk. *jün- (*jön-)
Uralic: ? *soŋkV
Kartvelian: *ʒ́w(en)-
Dravidian: *čeṇ-
References: МССНЯ 337; Долгопольский 1972, 167; ND 2075 *s̄[e]nV 'long time, year' (IE+Drav+SH); 2743 *ʒoŋE ~ *ʒon̄E 'old' (Kartv. + Ur. + Turk.).

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