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Eurasiatic: *güpA
Meaning: to bend
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *gheub- 'bend' (Pok. 450); *ḱub- 'shoulder, elbow' (1045)
Altaic: *k`ep`oŕV (also *kop`e 883, *gi̯ṓp`e 533)
Kartvelian: *gib-
Dravidian: *kaP- (also *gup- 'hump', hidden under *gum-; *gOp- 'hill' DED 1731)
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *kawra-
Comments: Niv. kevr- 'изгибаться'; kevz- 'кудри'
References: More than one root. МССНЯ 336, ОСНЯ 1, 236-237; ND 587 *gub/pE 'heap, hump' (Drav., Mong., IE), 588 *gaʔbV 'thick, dense, large' (Turk. + SH), 589 *gü[ʔ]bV 'to bend' (same IE + Kartv. + Kor. + SH), 593 *g[U]bʕV 'hill, mountain'; 1111 *ḳupE (~ *ḳüpV) 'to bend, elbow'; 1121 *ḲuP_VŕV 'hump'. And cf. also *ḳuṗV 'heap'.

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