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Eurasiatic: *(H)wiɫV
Meaning: wet
Borean: Borean
Indo-European: *welk-, -g-
Altaic: *ulu
Uralic: *wiɫV '(birch) juice' (Steinitz UAJ 28, 237 + selk. ǖl(e)); pOs *wVḷKV 'flow, leak'; *waδ́kV 'small river'; *wala 'to pour'
Dravidian: *ol- (+ *veḷ- 1771)
Chukchee-Kamchatkan: *-hiɫĭ- drink (?)
Comments: Cf. *ɣwVĺV.
References: МССНЯ 333. ND 2479 *w[i]ḷ(i)qV 'liquid; moist, damp' (+ incorr. Alt., Arab.), 2484 *w[iḷ]Ḳa 'wet, moist'. Perhaps here also the words for 'meadow' (IE: Hitt. wellu-, Lat. vallis, Kartv. *wel-, ? Cush., see ND 2478 *w[i/e]ḷ/ĺ(h)V 'field, plain' - or cf. to SC *ʔwēƛ̣V'grass'?).

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