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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *ano, *nō-
Meaning: prep./adv.: on
Old Indian: ánu 'after, along, lengthwise, near to etc.'
Avestan: ana 'über-hin', 'entlang, auf'; anu 'nach, gemäss; auf-hin', 'längs, entlang'
Other Iranian: OPers anā 'über-hin', anuv 'nach, gemäss'
Old Greek: ána, aná 'auf, in die Höhe, entlang', dial. on, un
Slavic: *nā, ? *ǭ-
Baltic: *an-, *un(-), *nō-
Germanic: *an, *ana
Latin: an-helō 'atme stark und mühsam'
Other Italic: Umbr an-tentu 'intendito
Celtic: ? *an-menijā: OIr ainmne 'patientia', MCymr anmynedd
Russ. meaning: на
References: WP I 58 f

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