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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *sēy-
Meaning: to linger
Baltic: *seĩ-n-ī̂- vb., *sei-n-iā̃ f., *sein-ā̂ f.
Germanic: *sī́-ɵ-u- adj., comp. *sī́-ɵ-iz=; *si-n-ē- vb., *sai-n-ia- vb., *sai-n=, *sai-m=, *si-m=, ? *sa-n-i- c.
Latin: sētius, -a `weniger', sērus, -a `spät'
Celtic: *sēr-, *sēis, *sit- > OIr sīr `langdauernd, ewig', comp. sīa, sup. sīam, MIr sith- `lang, andauernd', comp. sithithir `ebenso lang'; OCymr hit `Länge', Cymr hir `lang', comp. hwy, sup. hwyaf, hyd `Länge, Fortdauer, Weile; usque ad'; hes `Länge', Corn hir `lang', Bret hir `lang', hed, het m. `Länge'
Russ. meaning: медлить
References: WP II 459 f

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