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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *bhArs- / *bhers-
Meaning: quick
Slavic: *bъrzъ(jь)
Baltic: *burzd-
Latin: cōnfestim `stracks, sofort', festīnāre `sich sputen, eilen; tun eilig, beschleunigen', festīnus, -a `eilend'
Celtic: *brst- > MIr bras `schnell, rührig', brasse `Schnelliogkeit, Geschwindigkeit, Eile'; Cymr brys `Eile, Hast, Geschwindugkeit', Corn a vrys `promptement', Bret bresic, brezec `eilig, wer Eile hat'
Russ. meaning: быстрый
References: WP II 175
Comments: For rs > rz in Slav. cf. *dhers-.

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