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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *pleuk-
Meaning: to flow, to fly
Baltic: *plaũk- vb. tr., *plaũk-t-a- c., *plaũk-s-m-a- c., *plauk-a- c.
Germanic: *fliu-g-á- vb., *flau-g-iá- vb.; *flu-g-í- c., *flug-il-a- m.; *fliu-g-ṓn- f., *fliug-iṓn- f., *flug-ṓn- f.; *flux-t-i- c.; *flug-ja- adj.
Russ. meaning: двигаться (о рыбках и птичках)
References: WP II 94 f
Comments: It seems to be derived from *plew- 'to flow', but the latter root can be a form of *pel(ǝ)- 'to pour' (?)

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