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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *dhew-
Meaning: to shine, to be light
Old Indian: dhavala- `white, dazzling white', dhāvati `to cleanse, wash, purify'
Avestan: fra-δavata `rieb sich (reinigend) ab'
Old Greek: hom. pl. gen. theóntōn, Theok. f. dat. <th>eọ̄́sǟi̯, epigr. acc. theousan; {thoó- `bright' Hsch. - not found!}, aor. thoō̂sai = oksǖ̂nai, lamprǖ̂nai Hsch.
Russ. meaning: сиять, быть светлым
References: WP I 835 f

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