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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *Ans- <PIH *H->
Meaning: deity
Hittite: hassu- c. 'König', h.l. hasusara- 'Königin'
Old Indian: ásura- `spiritual, divine', m. `spirit, ghost', ásu- m. `breath, life, spirit'
Avestan: ahura- `Gottheit', ahū-, aŋhū- `Herr'
Germanic: *áns-u-, *áns-i- (*ans-) c.
Russ. meaning: божество
Comments: Also compared with Hitt has- (II,I) 'zeugen, gebären', hassa- 'Enkel, Enkelin'; h.l. has(a)- 'erzeugen', hasmi- 'Nachkommenschaft', ; Lyd. eśa- 'Enkel'; Lyk. B qzze, qezm̃mi, χzzãtã (Shevoroshkin), Lyk. A qehñ 'Nachkommenschaft' (Tischler 191 ff). 'Enkel' in HL may be a result of contamination: cf. Hitt. hammasa- 'kleines Kind', Luw. hamsa-, h.l. hamasa- 'Enkel' (see Tischler ibid. and 141-142).

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