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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *ayǝs- <PIH *a->
Nostratic etymology: Nostratic etymology
Meaning: to look for
Hittite: isijahh- (I) 'anzeigen, ankündigen' (fact.) (Tischler 395-396 with criticism)
Old Indian: eṣati, -te `to seek, search', iccháti `to strive, seek for, desire, wish', iṣyate `to be wished or liked', éṣa- `seeking', m. `act of seeking or going after', eṣá- m. `wish, option'; is-̣ (in comp.) `seeking for'; ī̆ṣma- m. `name of Kāmadeva, god of love'
Avestan: išaiti `sucht'; isaiti (*is-sk'ō); iš (2. Zs.-Glied) `suchend, strebend nach', f. `Wunsch, Gegenstand des Wunsches'
Armenian: aich `Untersuchung'
Old Greek: hī́mero-s m. `Sehnsucht, Liebessehnsucht, Liebe', hīméi̯rō `sich sehnen, verlangen''
Slavic: *jīskātī; *jīskā `Wunsch'
Baltic: *eîšk-ā̂- (1) vb.
Germanic: *aisk-ō- vb., *aisk=
Latin: aeruscāre `betteln, bitten'
Other Italic: Umbr eiscurent `arcessierint'
Russ. meaning: искать
References: WP I 12 f

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