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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *parǝt-, -d- (Gr pt-)
Meaning: fern
Old Indian: párpaṭa- m. `a sp. of medicinal plant (Helyotis Burmanniana or Mollugo Pentaphylla)'
Old Greek: ptéris, -eōs; pterís, -ídos f. `Farnkraut, Farn'
Slavic: *pāportь
Baltic: *papar̂t-i-/*papar̃t-i-, *papar̂d-iā̃, -ā̂ f., -i-, -ia- (2) c.
Germanic: *far-n-a- m., *far-m-a- m.
Celtic: *hrati-: Gaul ratis `Farn', Ir raith `Farn'; Cymr rhedyn `Farn', OCorn reden `Farn', Bret raden `Farn'
Russ. meaning: растение (папоротник)
References: WP II 19 f

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