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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *pa-t-er-
Nostratic etymology: Nostratic etymology
Meaning: father
Tokharian: A pācar, B pācer (PT *pācēr) 'father' (Adams 365)
Old Indian: pitár- m. `father'
Avestan: nom. pitā, obl. pitar- 'father'
Armenian: hair, gen. haur, pl. nom. harkh
Old Greek: patḗr, gen. patrós, acc. patéra m. `Vater'
Germanic: *fadḗr m.; *fáɵ-ō/*fad-ṓ(n-) f.
Latin: pater, gen. -tris m. `Vater'
Other Italic: Osk patír `pater'; Marr patres `patris'; Umbr dat. patre `patrī', iu-pater `Iuppiter'
Celtic: OIr athir `Vater'; Cymr -gwal-adr, Bret ual-art; Gaul Ateronius (MN)
Russ. meaning: отец
References: WP II 4

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