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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *kap-
Nostratic etymology: Nostratic etymology
Meaning: a k. of vessel
Old Indian: kapā́la- m., n. `cup, jar, dish; skull'; kapaṭī f. `measure equal to the capacity of two hands joined' (L.)
Other Iranian: MPers kapārak `Gefäss', kapolī 'Kniescheibe'
Old Greek: kápǟ f. `Krippe'
Germanic: *xáf-an-a- m., *xaf-al-a- m.
Latin: capis, -idis f. `Henkelschale, Opferschale des Pontifex; Schöpf- und Trinkgefäss', capēdō, -inis f. `einfaches tönernes Gefäss im Opfergebrauch', capula f. `kleine Henkelschale ; Schöpfgefäss', capulus m. `Bahre, Sarg', capula Schöpfgefäss, capsa f. `Behältnis, Kapsel, Kasten'
Other Italic: Umbr kapiře `capidi', capif `capides'
Celtic: MIr cap(p) `Fuhrwerk, Bahre'
Albanian: kapasε
Russ. meaning: сосуд
References: WP I 346 f
Comments: In Pok. also under *kap- 'grab'.

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