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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *gaul-
Meaning: ball, swelling; globe-shaped vessel
Old Indian: gula- m. (L.) `glans penis; clitoris', gulī f. (L.) `any small globular substance, pill', gulikā f. `ball, globule'; gulma- m. `cluster, clump; glandular enlargement in the abdomen; spleen'; gola m. `ball, globe' [but also = guḍa-, see *geld-]
Old Greek: gau̯ló-s m. `Melkeimer, Schöpfeimer, Krug, Bienenkorb', gâu̯lo-s m. Bez. eines (rundes) Lastschiffes; gǖ́lio-s (~ ü̆) `Tornister'
Slavic: *gū́lā, *gū́ljā `желвак, шишка, опухоль'
Germanic: *kiul-a- m., *kūl-ia- m., *kūl-ōn-, -ī(n-) f., *kul-jō(n-) f., *kul-ja- m.
Russ. meaning: шар, опухоль; шаровидный сосуд
References: WP I 555 f

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