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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *ayn-
Meaning: to fall upon
Old Indian: inóti, imp. inuhí, ptc. -inita- `to advance upon, press upon, drive, use force'; énas- n. `mischief, crime, sin, offence'; iná- `able, strong, energetic', m. `lord, master'; ??? īti- f. `plague, distress, calamity'
Avestan: inaoiti, inf. aēnaŋhe `vergewaltigen, kränken', ainita < *an-inita `nicht vergewältigt, nicht krank'; aēnah- n. `Gewalttat, Frevel', m. Übeltäter'; intay- `Verwaltigung, Kränkung; Qual'
Old Greek: ai̯nó- `schrecklich'
Russ. meaning: наброситься
References: WP I 1 f

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