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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *ardhw-
Meaning: tall; to grow
Old Indian: r̥dhṇoti, r̥ṇaddhi, r̥dhati `to grow, increase, prosper, succeed', árdhuka- `prospering'
Avestan: ǝrǝdwa- `hoch'
Armenian: ? ordi `Sohn', urǯu `Stiefsohn'
Slavic: *orstǭ, *orstī; *orstъ
Germanic: *ar[d]-ug-a- adj.
Latin: arduus, -a `hoch, steil, schwierig'
Celtic: Gaul Arduenna silva; OIr ard `hoch, gross'
Russ. meaning: высокий; расти
References: WP I 148 f

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