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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *at / *et
Meaning: prep./adv.: from; but
Tokharian: A atas, B ate 'away' (Adams 10)
Old Indian: ataḥ 'from there', ati- 'beyond, over'
Avestan: aiti- (adv., pvrb.) 'dass.'
Other Iranian: OPers atiy- 'beyond, over'
Old Greek: atár 'however'; éti 'überdies, noch'
Slavic: *otъ
Baltic: *et(i)-, *at(i)-
Germanic: *aɵa, *ida-wīta-
Latin: at 'aber' (< 'darüber-hinaus'); at-avus, at-nepos; et 'und, auch'
Other Italic: Umbr, Paelign et 'und'
Celtic: *ati- 'über-hinaus; zurück, wieder': Gaul ate- in Ategnātus, MBret (h)aznat, NBret anat 'bekannt'; OBret Ate-cotti, OIr aith-, (vortonig) ad- 'wieder, ent-', MCymr at-, NCymr ad-, ed-
Russ. meaning: от, прочь (нареч.); но

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