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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *penkʷe
Meaning: num.: five
Tokharian: A pänt, B pinkte (PT *pänkte) 'five' (Adams 385); A päñ, B piś (PT *päñś) (388)
Old Indian: páñca `five'
Avestan: panča
Armenian: hing; hnge-tasan '15'
Old Greek: pénte, aeol. pémpe
Slavic: *pętь
Baltic: *peñk-
Germanic: *finfi
Latin: quīnque
Other Italic: Osk pumperias; Umbr pumperias 'quincuriae'
Celtic: OIr cōic, OCymr pimp, MCymr, NCymr pump, Corn pump, Bret pemp, Gaul pempe-
Albanian: pesɛ, geg. pęsɛ
Russ. meaning: пять
References: WP II 25 f

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